I don’t think we’re quite yet done with the jaw drops, breath gasps, lip smacks, eye pops, flatulence and whatever motor reactions that the US election results elicited when we first viewed them. A lot more reactions are soon to follow, some of them, not as benign as these initial ones.

A lot of people following the US elections news coverage as well as rambunctious political pundits and of course nerdy pollsters (Nate Silver am talking about you) all predicted a Hillary win. One weekend a few weeks ago, I was relaxing with a bunch of friends on the beautiful island of Lamu and sipping on a cold beer when I predicted a Donald win. This was however quickly dismissed and labelled as a prediction under the influence. My reasons for the prediction remain as solid now as they were then and help to explain why everyone got it so wrong.

The Caucasian population in Europe and in America is facing the very real possibility of soon becoming a minority within their own countries.

This election was about immigration – period. Everything else was a smokescreen. Obamacare, ISIS, the welfare of veterans, the emails and everything else were all just simply issues introduced to add some respectability to the debates. The truth of the matter is that white America and Europe feels under siege.

The Caucasian population in Europe and in America is facing the very real possibility of soon becoming a minority within their own countries. And it is not the cute kind of minority when you’re a chiselled exotic black dude with dreads in a small, rural, all-white county with curious and fawning female fans. It’s a different kind of minority. It will be one that once invited crazed dudes to burn a cross in your garden while prancing and dancing around in their white ‘tuxedoes’. There is still a generation of these dancers alive and well, who vividly recall what they did and are afraid that it will happen to them.


This is on the extreme side. On the more benign side, there are those Caucasians who believe that their superior culture characterised by polished table manners, keeping the streets clean, punctuality, patiently waiting your turn at the queue, hard-work ethic etc are all beyond the invading aliens and they will be diluted by the influx of these aliens.

Trump supporters are not – for the most part – mad.

These two fears have been sufficient to arouse a primal fear; how do we keep those that are not like us away from us. This is not just in America but is all the rage in Europe. The obsession cuts across education and income levels (and indeed the media) because it is not a logical fear, it is a primal fear and a base reaction. It is a reaction horned through millions of years of evolution. The body rejects foreign bodies just as much as the tribal band is intolerant of aliens in their territory. Any position that does not sync with this is a proposal that is swimming against the tide.

The Brexit and now the Trump victory showed how we all underestimated the suction strength of this base reaction while simultaneously overestimating the ability of rational minds to overcome our primal fears. Trump supporters are not – for the most part – mad. No one seriously believes that the Donald can create more jobs than Obama did; no one seriously believes he has a plan to defeat ISIS; no one believes Hillary’s emails, where she mundanely discusses birthday plans for her granddaughter, really posed a serious threat to national security And you can take this to the bank, this was not about Hillary being a woman, otherwise she would not even have gotten the Democratic Party nomination. She has been a clear favourite all along. America is ready for a woman president.

This was about immigration and immigration trumped everything

None of these issues were decisive. This was about immigration and immigration trumped everything. This is what the audience tuning into the show failed to understand. White America (and Europe) wants non-white America out and it does not matter what misogynistic, perverted, self-obsessed, bigoted and retarded fraudster delivers this result. All his failings (to put it mildly) were more than compensated in the eyes of the white voter by his bold promise to preserve the preciousness and purity of the white culture.


If a double-horned chameleon had convincingly delivered the same message, the creature would be counting its 289 Electoral College votes now. A number of people were out rightly embarrassed by his buffoonery and could not afford to publicly admit their support for the Donald. Their education and social circles gave them a sufficient polished exterior to denounce him publicly but it was never sufficient to address their basal instincts; our tribe is under attack and only one tribal leader can save us. It was these closet ‘Trumpsters’ that provided the comfort we so desperately needed to see with the poll numbers. However, once inside the booth their true essence was inevitable.

A movement is sweeping in the western world: in the UK with the Brexit, in France with Marie le Pen, in Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland – the voices of culture preservation are getting stronger by the day. The desire to get rid of all that is foreign is so inexplicably strong, every other issue pales in comparison. In the United States, only one tribal leader credibly delivered this promise and it is that candidate that is going to make the White House white again!