This artist is transforming Afros into dreamworlds on Instagram

A few days ago, I was scrolling through my IG feed and discovered the work of Pierre Jean-Louis.

I then entered his fabulous world of photoshopped ‘fros, transforming them into cosmic and natural landscapes. Take a look for yourself:

[responsive id=’23680′ name=’2016/05/13118320_272441663092219_2030364149_n.jpg’]

[responsive id=’23678′ name=’2016/05/13092308_1797030757187068_1325998289_n.jpg’]

[responsive id=’23682′ name=’2016/05/12917931_943443465768170_607858125_n.jpg’]

[responsive id=’23681′ name=’2016/05/12383666_200233523692544_665436656_n.jpg’]

[responsive id=’23683′ name=’2016/05/12940903_479824065550930_918394293_n.jpg’]

[responsive id=’23679′ name=’2016/05/13108859_875688812577646_1103103973_n.jpg’]

Check out more of his work on Instagram at @pierre_artista

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