October 1 marked the start of the biggest coding event in Africa yet. Africa Code Week have organised workshops across 17 African countries to teach children and young people coding.

The aim is to equip young Africans with the skills that will enable them to succeed in our increasingly digitised society. They’re promoting the benefits of digital literacy for the continent’s economic development with active and fun workshops.

Coding is a new language; every child deserves to be fluent.

They’ve also organised a travelling bus under their scheme ‘Ampion Africa Code Week On Tour’. The bus is going around schools in Western Cape, South Africa and Kigali, Rwanda.

Up to 20,000 young kids and people will get involved throughout the week. In the long term, the Africa Code Week hopes to connect with five million young people! Their slogan sums it all up: ‘Coding is a new language; every child deserves to be fluent.’

Coding workshops on the go.

Africa Code Week is running from October 1 to 10.

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