Our own writer Best Masinire’s debut album Nakusasa Futhi is fresh off the press and hitting the local markets

Heavily inspired by gospel, reggae and Afro-fusion, the Zimbabwean mixes his vocals with some great backing singers. There are 12 singles to enjoy on the album. Check out his latest single, Yanaya.

Best’s songs touch on his own life and his trust in God; Nakusasa Futhi means tomorrow again. But given Zimbabwe’s music industry is not very developed, Best is having to be creative when it comes to marketing. It’s even inspired a dancehall track on the album:

‘In terms of marketing the album, we are still deciding how best to promote it… but we have since put the songs on Amazon and iTunes. Locally there are no proper channels of marketing and distribution of music so we are making our own way.

‘There is a song called Innovation on the album;  the song talks about how there is a great need for Africans to think for themselves and be innovative enough to create solutions for themselves.’

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You can check out the album here