Yipikayay is the stand-out track on Reason’s latest album, Audio Re-Definition.

Reason has built a glowing reputation on the back of his lyrical prowess. He’s a purist in the game.

Over the years, however, his insistence on keeping it real and staying true has hurt him commercially.

He’s built his own lane as a pure lyricist: he won the Lyricist of the Year award at the 2013 SA Hip-Hop Awards (SAHHA) and the award still sits proudly atop a speaker in his studio.

Reason has tweaked his formula a little with this new release. His decision to feature AKA (alongside Khuli Chana), whose catalogue is rich with smash-hit radio singles, was an early indication of the direction he was taking this time around.

This video, produced by Studio Space Pictures, matches his new vision. Yipikayay is colourful, playful and filled with an energy that is in line with the current mood of South African hip-hop – vibrant and full of energy.

Breaking from his usual stand-and-deliver style, Reason busts a few casual dance moves. And he looks as happy as he’s ever been.

Having recently endured a difficult split from his wife, Reason is entering a new chapter in his life, both musically and personally. ‘In a bad place since I left the wifey, now I’m tryna find a Kim K like I’m Kanye / Had a good woman now I need a bad bae.’

Reason’s perspective is shifting right in front of our eyes, and his music is moving right along with him.