You may be wondering what a DevFest actually is and we did too when it first came to our attention. A DevFest is an event organised by developers dotted across the world. DevFest season runs from September 1 to November 30 with each event differing from another.  

When developers come together to exchange ideas, amazing things can happen.

This year developers in South Western Cameroon are getting involved with DevFest Fako. Cameroonian developers from the region are holding a week-long hack-a-thon starting on October 19. They’ll be tasking participants to use technology from Google to improve their GDG (Google Developer Group) websites and then develop three apps.

At the end of the week, the developers will present their work to an audience. Can’t help but wonder if GDG is a new-age missionary of the 21st century, dispensing Google to the four corners of the world!

Another Cameroonian GDG group in Bamenda.

The goal is clear: ‘Each GDG DevFest will, at its core, be powered by a shared belief that when developers come together to exchange ideas, amazing things can happen.’ Here’s one that happened as far away as the Philippines:

Up to 135 active GDG developers are present in Africa according to the GDG’s site (I counted). The Cameroonian DevFest this year is happening in the cities of Buea and Limbe from October 19 to October 24. Why not take part if you’re nearby?

Find out more about Google Developers and DevFest Fako here.

You can use #DevFest on Twitter to get involved online.