There is no use barking and barking like a dog. It all ends and your words end up sounding cheap. Let’s rather get into it.

I will never marry, because my mother does freaking everything for me. She cooks like a chef, and cleans like a vacuum cleaner, and I don’t need a wife. I mean I’ve sold my car, moved back home and saving money with Uber and also don’t buy any groceries, because I’ve finally made the smart decision to only wait for my mother to buy something, because I eat what she eats, either way. I’ve been doing the same while inside her womb, so it’s natural progression and what it’s meant to be.

We’re seeing more young people opt not to get married to the state.

How does the above paragraph relate to politics? I was saying this to a friend of mine and to be honest we ended up feeling as though many are in the same dilemma. We’re seeing more young people opt not to get married to the state, forgo private or public employment but rather gain their re-independence by sustaining themselves with projects, in order to travel six months and work six months.

I specifically refer to this because the South African economy also seems to work only after the month of June. So what happens before June: wage negotiations, strikes and seminars then back to negotiations? The Marikana miners, who tried to negotiate, ended up buried with their fight for an increase. One of the main messages which stood out for me while watching miners shot down was when one of the miners said: ‘I realised that I was about to die for money.’

But some young people don’t have the luxury of staying at home and pursuing their own projects. The recent riots have left four townships in the City of Tshwane at a standstill. Shit was burning and the looting was definitely on another level. The beauty in all this is that the Pedis, Tsongas, Tshwanas and Vendas have a voice now.

Now Deputy President Zuma walks in and next it’s President Zuma. Not so ideal.

After the protest over Thoko Didiza’s appointment, we’re all left guessing whether the problem is to do with sexism or tribalism. And how can we explain the challenges of having to deal with a possibility of a deputy and president with the same surname? Oh my word, Zuma Z-Squared (*coughs P-Squared). And what will the opening of Parliament proceedings be like? Now Deputy President Zuma walks in and next it’s President Zuma. Not so ideal.

The truth and reality is that more and more of our communities are fighting these two battles: first over the economy and second over land. It still baffles a lot of people how there are still so many citizens who do not own land. Think about owning property in a city such as Cape Town; it doesn’t only cost a fortune, but it has become a norm that to buy property you will first have to go rinse yourself with sea water to release all the bad luck and misfortune.

The riots experienced in the past week over the nomination from another tribe – to be specific from a Zulu nation – brought back memories of what took place during the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals, as well as bad memories of how Mozambique looked like post colonial civil war. It was as if a zombie apocalypse has occurred and we’re living scenes from Game of Thrones: the burnt soldiers looting and grabbing whatever they can get their hands on. I mean for the looting of mobile phones or Nike sneakers to be normal, makes one wonder whether the shoe size looted is a perfect fit.

Yes, yes, we know that desperate times call for different measures but what real plan do the police have to control the roll over from a strike, and deal with a nonsensical sorry situation bringing a country to a standstill? It’s all left me wondering whether the proposed development of one parliament in Tshwane is a terrific or a bad move.

The way things have been developing in this country, at times really do not feel at all lucid. All we can do is salute those who have been upholding the flag for all. We should keep in mind those who continue to ensure that we don’t end up with Z-Squared.