Their story reads like the plot of our favourite romantic comedies, only better because their love is real!

Love prevails regardless of the obstacles.

Amit and Michelle met in 2006, when she joined Harris City Academy Crystal Palace, in South London. ‘We had been dating for six years, and then approximately two years ago I asked her parents for her blessing,’ Amit told me. He proposed to Michelle in front of her family at Sky Gardens in May 2015.

2 friends. 2 cultures. 2 nations. 2 continents. 1 Love. #IndiaMeetsGhana.

This picture and caption, tweeted by Amit led to a social media frenzy. In the photos, the bride and groom rock Ghanian and Indian traditional wear as they celebrate their love with family and friends.

‘It’s very touching to see people’s responses on social media because Michelle and I are keen to encourage others in our position. Love prevails regardless of the obstacles and with this exposure we are really able to do just that.’

Amit also shared with us the secret behind a perfect Indian-Ghanian wedding: it’s a mix of Indian, Bhangra and Afrobeats! Have a look at some photos here:

Congratulations Michelle and Amit! Team TRUE Africa wishes you a fabulous honeymoon!