Screw Power Lists. Here’s a pick ‘n’ mix selection of some young people who are actually doing things. In this #EyesOn2016 series, they tell us what’s going to blow up in 2016. 

Tash and Cody are twin sisters from San Jose, California. They moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue careers in the fashion industry. Since then Tash has been working in fashion styling and is signed to Cody’s commercial agencyPhoto[Genics Media LA. The pair are currently based in NYC.

First tell us a bit more about you and how you started your modeling/acting/stylist adventure.

Tash and Cody are twin models, fashion stylists, designers and actresses (honestly though.. lol), hailing from the best coast, San Jose, Ca.

In 2012 we took a chance and moved to Los Angeles, CA in pursuit of careers in the fashion industry. We don’t want to put ourselves in a box. We’re artists and want to express ourselves in so many ways. We’d rather not put a limit on the medium we use to express it.

Tash, whose background is in fashion styling, continues to style almost all of our shoots. There’s nothing better than finding a killer fit and being able to immortalise it in a photo! You can relive it over and over! Tash signed a contract with Cody’s commercial agency Photo[Genics Media in September of 2013. We’re both currently represented in Los Angeles.

In the end we want to change the idea of beauty in fashion and film. Tash & Cody, the brand will be iconic. We will put our stamp on an entire generation of people.

What are you going to remember 2015 for? 

2015 was the year of making connections. 2016 will be the year of using these connections.

What or who do you think is going to blow up in 2016? 

We believe that collaborations are going to ‘blow up’ in 2016. Social media has made it easier than ever for artists to gain support from fellow artists and fans. Collaborations will be a way for artists to gain new audiences and it will be a new approach to social media in the ever evolving tech world.

What’s keeping you busy in 2016?  

Working with as many artists as possible will be keeping us busy in 2016. We want to highlight the many talents our friends and create fun content that will inspire and motivate all walks of life.

And black women are art.

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