Eranove is an application that can help a prepaid client follow their consumption day to day and in real time. When you click, the consumption is updated every 5 seconds – so you can follow your consumption in KW. We spoke to two team members Antoine and Mansour about the interesting elements of this system.

Is it free?

Yes for the client, only for the client who subscribes to a prepaid offer. We are going to launch this service in mid to the end of July.

Partner Mansour

Who’s your target in terms of marketing?

People all over Africa. At the moment we have 600,000 clients only in the Ivory Coast which are prepaid. If our second company parent company of water distribution SDA uses their smart metres all over the Ivory Coast, I think they could probably use the same platform.

I want to show you another product, this we use A.I. to make our assets inventory. So we use a drone to monitor our distribution network and our A.I. programme is used to identify our assets so as you can see here it’s not a human who has made it. We just take a picture and once we identify the picture, the A.I. automatically analyses it and tells you if everything is ok so we use the drone and A.I. to identify it and this is a very good bit of innovation in Africa because even in Europe they are still working on it. There is a lot of work to be done but at this stage but we are using it to create an asset inventory.

You can share your energy with a friend too. If you have for example 20 kw in your metre, you can share 10kw with your mother or 5 kw with your sister. I think this is a very great means of innovation!