23-year-old sprinter Wayde van Niekerk casually smashed records at an event in Bloemfontein this weekend, by running the 100m in 9.98 seconds.

He’s now broken the 10-second barrier for the 100m and run under 20 seconds for 200m and 44 seconds for the 400m.

He’s the first ever runner to achieve such a feat; Carl Lewis and Michael Johnson never managed it. We’re still waiting for Usain Bolt to catch up.

Wayde was pretty happy about it:

Wayde is well known for pushing himself to the limit. After running the 400m in 43.48s in the World Championships in Beijing, he was unable to do a customary victory lap and instead had to be wheeled off the track and taken to the hospital.

Legend Michael Johnson thinks he’s just at the start of the race and that even greater feats are yet to come.

Many runners will be looking at the records they still hold nervously but when it comes to the Olympics a few will be breathing a sigh of relief; Wayde van Niekerk will only compete in the 400m in Rio.