The minds behind Bahati Books, a brilliant digital publishing house, are giving you a daily shot of the best fiction, poetry, memoir and new writing during Black History Month. They will then compile and release them all in a free Black History Month anthology that will be coming out soon after October 31.

We’re already had the pleasure of writing from Caleb Okereke, Chivimbiso Gava, James Ogunjimi and many others but we’re particularly excited by tomorrow’s offering.

Award-winning author Stanley Gazemba will be publishing the short story White Sand tomorrow. We’ve got an exclusive: here are the tantalising opening paragraphs…

Eleanor spotted her driver the moment she stepped out of the airport lounge and into the warm sun of the taxi rank. He was leaning against a small white Toyota chatting with a colleague. There was something about his physique that stirred the sensitive skin between her thighs. She imagined his muscles flex beneath the loose-fitting tropical shirt he was wearing. He looked like Djimon Hounsou.

The cabbies suddenly noticed that the new passengers were spilling out of the ‘arrivals’ door and they rushed over to bargain with them. She walked straight towards him, sidestepping the girls who had lined up to welcome them with their traditional dance and a red rose. She had found her red rose. ‘Jambo!’ he said with a bright smile. His teeth were white – a contrast to his smooth, dark skin. ‘Taxi, madam?’

Bet you want to read on, don’t you?

Click here to read the stories that have already been published but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to find out what happens with the Djimon Hounsou look alike.