The trending debate between Ghanaians and Nigerians about whose jollof rice is best has attracted the attention of their West African neighbour, Senegal.

I am not really a social media freak. However, the ‘war’ between Ghanaians and Nigerians concerning whose jollof tastes better has won my keen interest.

Ghanaians and Nigerians are like siblings, they share a similar sense of humour (just think of the famous joke: ‘Nigeria must go and the retaliated Ghana must go’ Hahahahahahaha. I will leave this story for another time…).

So as the Jollof ‘war’ between Ghanaians and Nigerians hots up, our West African neighbours, Senegal has joined the ‘war’. There is a continuing debate about the origin of jollof rice. Each of these countries claims ownership. I could spend my break following the ‘war’ on Twitter. It comes with a lot of humour. Africa’s humour keeps the continent united and healthy.

I have travelled to these three countries and have tasted their jollof. For me the difference is in the ingredients used. You should trust my fairness to settle this war. Sarcastic, right? No: I am certainly not biased – I am Ghanaian, I have a Nigerian best friend, and Senegalese in-laws.

Although Senegal Jollof is nothing to compare to Ghana jollof, it is fairly better than Nigeria jollof. Hahahahahahahahaha. For your information I have self-appointed myself the grand judge for World Jollof Day competition on August 22.

I would like my jollof to be Ghanaian. Ghanaians are very creative when it comes to jollof. They innovate to outcompete. Our ‘Chinese African’ brothers, the Nigerians just wait to copy and paste. If you think I am hard on my Nigerian siblings, check out Sister Deborah – Ghana Jollof on YouTube. As for Senegal, their fate on the jollof debate has been settled.

There is so much humor in the jollof debate. I wish Senegal a Happy Jollof Independence Day.

Jollof rice unites West Africa. LOL.