Rihanna hit the news this weekend when Azealia Banks decided to stir up some press and lashed out at the Barbadian star for criticising Trump’s immigration ban.

RiRi retaliated by poking fun at Banks’ extracurricular activities (witchcraft, apparently):

Banks then published Rihanna’s mobile number on Twitter. For anyone who managed to note down the number (it’s since been deleted) and rang it before it got disconnected, you’d probably got a foreign ring tone.

That’s because RiRi is in Malawi!

In Malawi © Rihanna IG

The bad gal is doing good! Rihanna is the founder of the Clara Lionel Foundation, an organisation which works to promote ‘innovative and effective’ education programmes around the world.

She called the foundation after her grandparents, Clara and Lionel Braithwaite.

The Clara Lionel Foundation has partnered up with Global Partnership for Education and Global Citizen to support education across the world. Rihanna is the new Global Ambassador and is advocating for children’s education in developing countries.

On the weekend of the one-year anniversary of her ANTI album, she’s been hanging out with kids on the ground in the African country: ‘Met the bravest, most humble kids and young women this week! I can’t wait to share more!’

This is not her first time on the continent; she’s performed in Morocco and Nigeria and spent time in the Ivory Coast and South Africa.

It’s great to have her back!