Why did I come back? The repats edition

Many diaspora Africans are choosing to return to the continent. These ‘repats’ – as they’re often known – are keen to seize new opportunities. But they also return to give back – building businesses, families and fulfilling lives on the continent. In this episode, three repats tell us how and why they moved to Ghana, Cape Verde and Cote d’Ivoire.

Joli Moniz left New York for Cape Verde to set up a tourism business called A Vontade Tours. She helps other repats settle into their new life.

Paola Ndengue is originally from Cameroon though she spent most of her life in France. She runs a popular newsletter on media and the creative industries in Africa called Africa Digest.

Abdul Abdullah is a Ghanaian American cultural entrepreneur and founder of the AfroFutures Festival, a music and culture festival based in Accra. He grew up in the Bronx but now does business in Ghana.

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Abdul Abdullah, Joli Moniz, Paola Ndengue