How do we stop fake news spreading in Africa?

How do we stop fake news spreading in Africa?

Fake news is a big problem in Africa. It can sway elections in Nigeria. Stoke up ethnic hatred in Ethiopia. Bolster business interests in South Africa. Censorship isn’t the answer as it can play into the hands of repressive regimes. So how can Africans stop the spread of false and misleading information and yet still encourage free speech?

To try and figure this out, Claude is joined by three guests:

Samba Dialimpa is on the frontlines fact-checking for readers as the Editor in Chief of the Francophone section of Africa Check.

Aanu Adeoye is a journalist offering an alternative with the entertaining, ground-breaking and trustworthy weekly newspaper The Continent.

Odanga Madung is a researcher behind the scenes working to reveal the mechanics of fake news and to find out who really benefits from misinformation.

Aanu Adeoye, Odanga Madung, Samba Dialimpa