How do we get Africans to respect artists?

One of the worst things you can say to an African parent is: I don’t want to be a doctor, lawyer or accountant. I want to be an artist!

In Africa, being an artist doesn’t carry the same prestige as other professions. But musicians, painters, filmmakers, and designers all have a huge influence on the way the world sees Africa.

In this episode, Claude Grunitzky talks to an investor in the creative industries, a museum director and a DJ. He asks: Isn’t it time for Africans to respect artists?

Sonia Lawson is the Director of the Palais of Lome, Togo’s first art centre. She explains why it’s important to exhibit local artists where their family and local community can appreciate their art.

Roberta Annan from Ghana runs several investment and venture capital funds including the Impact Fund for African Creatives and the African Fashion Foundation. For her, respect comes down to money! She’s passionate about helping creative people turn their ideas into successful businesses.

DJ Elly is working and actually making a living as an artist. She is one of Angola’s biggest DJs.

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DJ Elly Chuva, Roberta Annan, Sonia Lawson