How can we raise the next generation of African football stars?

Let’s name some of the greats of African football… Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o, George Weah, Yaya Touré… But these icons are in the past. What about the future? How can we develop more great African footballers? Is it only about investment? Talent? Or do we need to change our mindset completely?

Kingsley Pungong, founder of Rainbow Sports, a sports company which owns and operates two professional football clubs as well as a US-based sports marketing company. He’s discovered lots of African talent.

Eddie Mensah, the Managing Director of the Right to Dream Academy. It’s a very successful football school in Accra, Ghana.

Oumou Kane, the Director of the female football department at Mauritanian federation of Football. She’s a champion of female football in a very conservative Muslim country.

You can listen to the episode in French and in Portuguese.

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Eddie Mensah, Kingsley Pungong, Oumou Kane