Female Genital Mutilation - Three ways to change the culture

Female Genital Mutilation – Three ways to change the culture

FGM refers to all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia for cultural or other non-medical reasons.

If hearing that makes you feel uncomfortable, just imagine having to go through it.

Claude talked to three activists in Guinea, Mali and Kenya about how we can end FGM.

Kadiatou Konate is a 20-year-old activist from Conakry Guinea, in West Africa. Kadiatou is co-founder of the Young Girl Leaders Club of Guinea. It has more than 500 members across the country. Their mission is to fight against violence against girls.

Fatoumata Sire Diakate Junior is an activist in Mali. Eight million girls and women in the country have undergone FGM. Fewer than one in five girls and women think FGM should stop. She’s fighting to change minds in a country where the practice is entrenched

Jeremiah Kipainoi is a journalist from Kenya. He produces and hosts the End FGM podcast where he rings up local and national officials and asks them why they’re not doing more to stop FGM.

You can listen to the episode in French and in Portuguese.

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Fatoumata Sire Diakate Junior, Jeremiah Kipainoi, Kadiatou Konate