Does Black Lives Matter matter to Africa?

The social movement Black Lives Matter – BLM – was started to highlight racial discrimination in the USA. But some young African activists think we need a #BLM movement in Africa too. Host Claude Grunitzky talks to activists in Senegal, Ghana and South Africa and asks them why BLM matters to them – and to Africa.

Ernesto Yeboah, the founder and commander in chief of the Economic Fighters League (EFL), an anti-corruption movement in Ghana. He organized a vigil in solidarity with BLM, following the murder of George Floyd.

Wise Bayano, an artist from Senegal and one of the three founders of Africa for Black Lives. It’s a social media movement started in Dakar to show solidarity with the activism in the US.

Dimpho Legkeu, one of our producers here at the Limitless podcast. She kept a BLM banner on her social media profiles.

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Dimpho Legkeu, Ernesto Yeboah, Wise Bayano