Do we need to rethink the fight against HIV in Africa?

Over 25 million people in Africa are living with HIV. And the continent accounts for almost two thirds of the global total of new HIV infections. But millions of dollars are spent fighting the illness. So what are we doing wrong? How can we rethink the fight against HIV?

Claude spoke to three guests who know what they are talking about.

Bisi Alimi is a Nigerian LGBT activist who recently announced he was HIV positive even though he’s lived with the illness for many years. We asked him why?

Jacqueline Wambui who is an HIV-positive activist from Kenya. She talks about the challenges of having a family and a relationship in spite of it.

Saidy Brown from South Africa was born with HIV. She announced her HIV status on social media in 2017 and thinks we need to talk about the illness differently.

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Bisi Alimi, Jacqueline Wambui, Saidy Brown