Do repats have an unfair advantage?

Many diaspora Africans are choosing to return to the continent. They’re keen to seize opportunities back home. Many of these returnees – known as ‘repats’ – are highly educated and skilled.

But do repats’ foreign university degrees and western world CV’s give them an advantage? Or does adjusting to life back home have its own difficulties? Join host Claude Grunitzky and guests:

Rebecca Enonchong is a Cameroonian entrepreneur. She is one of the continent’s most powerful business women. She has set up tech businesses in the USA, UK and Canada as well as many African countries.

Gabriel Curtis was the Minister for Public Private Partnerships in Guinea until the military coup last year. He lived in the US before coming back to work in the Guinean government.

Nicole Amartiefio is the creator of the TV series “An African City”, which follows five women who are repats themselves. Nicole relocated to Accra, Ghana from the US a decade ago.

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Gabriel Curtis, Nicole Amartiefio, Rebecca Enonchong