Do African presidents need term limits?

Yoweri Museveni has run Uganda since 1986. Paul Biya has been president in Cameroon for nearly forty years. Paul Kagame could rule Rwanda till 2034 because many Rwandans voted for and continue to vote for him.

In Africa, the question of term limits is contentious. Should we force presidents to leave office? We invited three guests on the podcast to help figure it out.

Evan Lieberman is a Professor of Political Science and Contemporary Africa at MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

Kah Walla is a Cameroonian politician and entrepreneur and the first woman to stand for president in Cameroon in 2011.

Pearl Pillay from Johannesburg, South Africa, heads up a think tank that works to encourage youth participation in politics and civil society.

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Evan Lieberman, Kah Walla, Pearl Pillay