Screw Power Lists. Here’s a pick ‘n’ mix selection of some young people who are actually doing things. In this #EyesOn2016 series, they tell us what’s going to blow up in 2016. 

Brittani Sensabaugh is a photographer originally from Oakland, California. She currently works in New York but travels across the US to document life in urban cities. She shares the passion behind her work.

You like to tell the stories of under-represented communities. Can you tell us about that and why you think it’s so important.

When I picked up my camera for the 222forgottencities series I had two goals. First, to document communities that have been forgotten and the people who feel like they have no voice. Second, to make people that live both in and outside these communities aware that WE all share the same struggle if your skin has melanin.

I’ve made it my business to go and shoot all the places around the world that the media talks down on.

I have documented life in Oakland, New York, Philly, Baltimore, Houston, Chicago and Los Angeles; the story in all these places sound and look the same. I’ve made it my business to go and shoot all the places around the world that the media talks down on.

I not only document the story and emotions they NEVER show but I make sure I get to the reasons WHY these things are happening. I feel this is a way to create a new version of history. Each picture I capture is a piece of history I am giving back to my people. It’s a reminder that no matter how much PAIN and STRUGGLE we go through, we find ways to shine and rise above it.

Society wants equality but that can never truly happen until my people have something of their own. My images are moments for my people to embrace and feel good about, they are examples of the strength and love my people have inside of them despite all the negative perceptions society throws their way.

My mission is to show my people that we all share the same struggle.

My work is for those living in the projects who have no resources and feel trapped and hopeless. My mission is to show my people that we all share the same struggle and to realise what makes us so POWERFUL.

What are you going to remember 2015 for?

Having my first solo exhibition in New York. Ever since I started documenting through photography I envisioned people coming to see it and feeling a release. I will remember all of my transitions that have moulded me into becoming the creator I needed to be for this next chapter of my journey.

What or who do you think is going to blow up in 2016?

Anyone who is aligned with the universe and creating their own space. They will become who they need to be on this earth. Anyone who is creating purely and is not distracted by society’s perceptions. Those who understand that their time will come if you allow yourself to learn and embrace each thing for whatever it may be. Anyone that is taking time to deal with the Self. Anyone that is spreading unconditional love and realises that money is fake and energy is real.

What’s keeping you busy in 2016?

My first solo-art exhibition in Oakland this February. I’m also working on my first photography book and a #222forgottencities film.

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