Nollywood actress Lauritta Onye wins gold at the Paralympics

Lauritta Onye threw a shot put 8.40m and broke a world record in the process. The gold-medal winner joined Rima Abdelli of Tunisia (silver) and Lara Baars of Netherlands (bronze) on the podium.

She celebrated in acrobatic style – with handstands and fist pumps, even picking up her fellow athletes in joy.

[responsive id=’33637′ name=’2016/09/laury_white_1.jpg’][responsive id=’33636′ name=’2016/09/laury_white_2.jpg’][responsive id=’33639′ name=’2016/09/GettyImages-603022696.jpg’]

But the world record holder also has another talent; she’s a Nollywood actress who’s starred in the dramatic 2015 film Lords of Money, which is about a mysterious cult which enriches its members.

After the Paralympians’ smashing performance so far, and the dismal showing by able-bodied athletes last month, the idea that the victorious Nigerian Paralympian team might replace able-bodied athletes at the next Olympics doesn’t seem like some far-out Nollywood storyline.

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