We’re all fans of French footballer N’Golo Kanté who is of Malian descent.

But he has recently inspired some quite beautiful – although Derby fans might say differently – compliments. First there was the tweet below; then there were the imaginative additions to his Wiki page.

SportBible first reported a couple of hours ago that someone was tampering with his Wikipedia page and the culprit had edited the ‘style of play’ section to include: ‘It’s commonly believed that Kante has discovered the secret to inter-dimensional wormholes, enabling him to cover so much ground and effectively appearing in two places at one time.’ Granted, this may be the most plausible explanation for his speed.

However it seems that Kanté’s greatest fan has been at it again with another loving compliment: despite Kanté’s divine origins, he’s humble enough to make his own bed.

Keep checking back for developments to this story.