Ahead of Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, we spoke to Moonchild Sanelly who’ll be performing on Sunday February 12. You’ll be going mad for her Future Ghetto Funk sound.

What kind of set are you going for at Cape Town Electronic Music Festival?

New music, still electric, but with more vocal flossing.

Who would be your dream collaboration?


What’s future ghetto funk? And tell us about Rabulapha!

Future Ghetto funk is my sound of music, that’s inspired by other genres. It is from a strong hip hop, jazz and kwaito influence and also influenced by sounds and behaviour from the streets.

You studied fashion. What’s your favourite look?

The unexpected look is forever a favourite of mine because I completely FLIP IT with no warning!

What’s next?

There is so much on the cards for me this year and I could not be more excited! New music, music videos, International collaborations on a much bigger scale than I am used to, and of course my favourite, big stages!

© Jimi Herrtage

It is frightening but I am focused and ready for the year ahead and have never been more determined to bring myself and art to the fore.

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