Twelve months ago, football fans around the world would have been forgiven for not knowing much about Leicester City football club. A lot has happened since then. The East Midland club was crowned Premier League champion for the first time in its history. Players went from relegation fighters to champions of England. This incredible feat inspired many and has attracted fans around the world to become supporters of the club AKA the ‘Foxes’.

We find out from Leicester supporters in Abuja, Nigeria, what they think of their newly-adopted club’s chances of repeating last season’s heroics. Do they really believe that lightning will strike twice?

Victor Chidi (Taxi Driver)

Why not Chelsea or Manchester United?
I think their time is up. A new generation of clubs are going to take over football and Leicester City will be one of them, that’s why I joined early in order not to miss out.

When are you getting the Leicester City jersey?
As soon as the season starts I know their jerseys will flood the market especially with Nigeria’s Ahmed Musa with them, so I’ll get his jersey.

Emmanuel Ifeanyi (Banker)

Why do you support Leicester City?
Simply because they have proved with winning the title last season that you don’t have to have all the resources in the world to make an impact or be successful.

What do you make of Ahmed Musa joining?
It’s a good for him and Nigeria because in the EPL we’ll be monitoring him more and as the entire world watches the English game, this means more exposure for him.

Yunus Kayode (Car washer)

What attracted you to Leicester City?
Riyad Mahrez. I just love the way he plays, dribbling everybody before slotting the ball into the net, he was a revelation last season.

What’s your expectation this season?
That they’ll repeat another EPL win and go far on their debut season in the UEFA Champions League.

Wale Akpata (Store attendant)

How long before you catch up with Arsenal, Chelsea in terms of number of fans?
With the way things are going, if Leicester should win the league again then I’m sure many more will join us and before you know we’ll start catching up?

Arsenal is trying to sign Riyad Mahrez, what’s your take on that?
It’ll be a wrong move for him, he should remain where his impact will be felt and where he’s worshipped, Arsenal wouldn’t play him all the time.

Idowu Babatunde (Telecom recharge card seller)

Where do you see Leicester finishing this term considering the massive competition with Jose Mourinho at United and Pep Guardiola at City?
We are not scared, last season was almost the same with Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp and Arsene Wenger but we still came out on top so ‘no shaking’ we are determined.

Which player will you like to see most in a Leicester City shirt?
I know it’s almost impossible but my answer is Lionel Messi. I strongly believe he’s the most talented ever to grace the game.

Hafiz Busari (Shop owner)

Do you think Leicester City will suffer from the ‘second season’ syndrome just like Chelsea last term?
No, it’s possible because we have brought in hungry players like Musa that are determined to prove themselves.

How many goals do you see Musa scoring this season?

I think he’ll reach double figures, because he’s very fast just like Jamie Vardy and almost as clinical in front of goal.

Lukman Yusuf (Building material seller)

Will you leave for another club if Claudio Ranieri’s men fail to perform well this season?
No, I don’t they’ll go back to their former level of oblivion, at this time after winning the EPL, only top four will do from now on.

Do you hope to travel to England to watch them play?
Maybe when I have enough money but for now I’m okay watching them on the satellite television.

Akanbi Sodiq (Security guard)

Do you think Musa will make as much impact as Nwankwo Kanu or Didier Droga did at Chelsea?
Only time will tell, but at 23 years of age, he has his football career ahead of him, if he focuses I believe he has the talent to do very well?

Do you like manager Claudio Ranieri?
Of course, he’s done an amazing job and I believe he can still do wonders with the team.

Nweka Ndubuisi (Bakery manager)

Did you share free bread to people when Leicester won the league last season?
(Laughter) No, but I will, if they win again. I have always loved an underdog which is why I support the team; all the other big teams have the resources to do well.

Do you watch them at home?
No, I prefer watching at the viewing centre with my friends in order to chat and catch up while enjoying the game.

Ikechukwu Abass (Farmer)

N’Golo Kante left for Chelsea; do you think other more players will leave?
I don’t see more leaving because the team has more to prove together, disintegrating will harm the good work that has been started.

Any message to Leicester City for the upcoming season?

They should please not let us down, some people are waiting for them to fail, so they should be motivated to do well in the EPL and the UCL.