The ‘Marathon du Gabon‘ is a two-day race that has been taking place in Libreville every year since 2012. This year, the event is set to take place on November 26 to 27.

After the tensions resulting from President Bongo’s re-election, the event presents as an opportunity for the people of Libreville to come together and have a good time. For its fourth edition, the event offers five different races, including one for women co-organized by the First Lady’s Foundation.

Although the women’s race is meant to promote the fight against breast cancer, some see the event as an attempt to distract the public from more pressing matters. Members of the opposition see it as one of the many symbols of the Bongo’s family assets. Satirical posters have started to appear on social media.

The poster reads ‘The stupid Gabonese: a race for Sylvia Bongo and the murderer that is the husband’. The 5km race has also been replaced by the phrase ’50 dead’ a rough estimate number of people who passed away during the riots following the election results.

On Twitter, some members of the opposition are calling for a boycott of the event. Posters for the boycott are used to remind the public of the people who were allegedly killed by police officers and military forces following the event.

The poster reads ‘No to Gabon’s Marathon’. On this picture: a marathon runner shot with the encouraging bullets of a marathon soldier.