PaperKlip is a two-man electronic hip-hop band from the west side of Pretoria.

Jay Carson as the lead singer alongside record producer Gustav. They’re dropping a new track today Townshiprockstar (Hands in the Air). Last year Jay released his debut EP FuturisticArt (listen to it here).

Gustav on left, Jay on the right

Tell us about your latest music and what inspires you

Our single Townshiprockstar is a fusion of EDM, techno and rap. The message that we deliver to the people is that feel free to do what you capable of doing, and don’t let anything bring you down from what you love doing. That’s why Jay Carson on the chorus be like ‘If you’re rock star let me see your hands’ and you just have to put them up like you don’t care.

We are inspired by our craft and learning from the grown-ups in the game and what always pushes us to go for it, is the love of music and how we delivering it to the people by campaigning ourselves.

What we did with Townshiprockstar is that we took the city modern lifestyle and placed it together with the township pantsula lifestyle and that is the originality of South Africa. In other
words, we’re educating the world about prevalent lifestyles in South Africa.

What are your musical influences?

We’re mostly influenced by artists from South Africa who share their art globally. We don’t only see them as artists, they’re also our brothers, who taught us a lot ,when we didn’t know a thing and we would like to thank them. That goes to the former Goldfish singer Sakhile Moleshe, the man behind the Future Sounds of Mzansi, Nthato Mokgata also known as Spoek Mathambo, DJ Spoko, Riky Rick etc.

What’s it like to work in the music industry where you are?

We enjoy working in the electronic music scene. We fell in love with the EDM life. It opens our minds to new elements; it seems like it’s larger than life and that’s what keeps us going from Africa to the

What’s a night out like where you live?

It’s Epic!!!! Since we are from the city and the city lives at night, it’s all about clubbing or if there’s a festival somewhere, we go and rave.

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