‘Martin Luther Was A German Professor Of Theology, Born In November Of 1483’… and so Jaden Smith begins his Insta-history of the 15th century reformist Martin Luther. 

His clothing line, MSFTSrep have used Luther as a muse for their latest designs and he even put aside the time to school you on the Catholic turned rebel. Think this was one of his history assignments?


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Whatever the reason Jaden seems to really like the guy. Like Really Really Like The Guy Which Means He Won’t Stop Capitalizing Every Word When He Talks About Him. The text references ‘Purgatory’, ‘Bible’, ‘Luther’ and ‘System’. Won’t be long before the Illuminati theorists start coming for JS.

Martin Luther Was A German Professor Of Theology, Born In November Of 1483. Luther Was Brought Up In A World Where The Catholic Church Reigned Supreme Over 1/3 Of Land In Europe And Dominated European Civilization. At The Time, The Church Also Claimed To Be The Caretakers Of The Souls Of Their Catholic Parishioners. In The Middle Ages, Only The Town Priest Had The Ability To Read The Bible. Since The Bible Was Only Available In Latin The People Of This Age Had To Trust Their Parish Priest To Deliver The Information That Would Lead To Their Salvation. Luther Was A Lawyer Who Became A Priest After Being Struck By Lightning. This Near Death Experience Made Him Obsessed With Religion And Sinfulness. He Was Sent To Wittenberg To Teach Theology Because Of His Great Passion For Scripture. During His Stay, A Man Named Johann Tetzel Arrived Selling Indulgences. Indulgences Are A Donation To The Church For A Promise From The Pope To Shorten Your Time In Purgatory And Fast Track Your Entrance Into Heaven. Martin Luther Was Infuriated By Seeing His Colleagues Pay Half Of Their Yearly Wages For A Piece Of Paper From The Pope Clearing Them Of All Their Sins. Luther Knew The Pope Was Not Incorruptible Because In His Lifetime, Pope Alexander VI Had Fathered 4 Children While Being A Priest And Another While Being The Pope. In These Times This Was Far From Religiously Acceptable According To The Scripture. This Was Just One Example That Luther Witnessed Of Corruption In The Catholic Church. In Response, He Wrote The 95 Theses Against Indulgences And Dramatically Nailed Them To The Church Door For Everyone To See On October 31st, 1517. Luther Believed That Individual Christians Didn't Need Priests To Experience The Grace Of God. Therefore, Luther Took Advantage Of The Recent Invention Of The Printing Press To Publish His Own Translation Of The Bible. And For The First Time People Were Able To Read, Memorize, Debate And Perceive The Scripture On Their Own. Martin Luther Is A MSFT. He Saw A Flaw In The System And He Exposed It, Which Gave Power To The People. He Stood For The Truth.

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