If Jaden and Willow’s first joint magazine cover wasn’t enough, Interview magazine beamed in Pharrell Williams to ask the siblings about life, love, famous parents and the universe.

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He started off gently: ‘So, what’s up, guys? What’s on your mind, Willow?’

But Willow plunged straight into the weirdness. ‘This morning actually was pretty intense because I was thinking about the world and my place in the world, things that I have made or want to make. I was thinking about all the things that I could do that I don’t do.’

Pharrell then realised that this is going to be no lightweight interview so notched up the gear.

This is what we learnt from Jaden and Willow.

Jaden on generational differences:

‘I can definitely see things that have happened in the past that they’re holding on to and things that are happening right now that bog them down, but this generation wants to transcend them.’

Willow on fame and social media:

‘I know so many kids who literally are, like, Instagram-famous. They have done nothing but post pictures on Instagram. And they have followings. People love to see them in person, but it’s only because they post on their Instagram. It’s literally crazy. Kids will paint a picture of themselves that is so far beyond who they actually are. It’s like they’re wearing someone else’s skin … Like, you can actually be a voice. You can actually say something that’s inspiring and not just make people feel like you need to buy things and be a certain way.’

Willow on having Will and Jada Pinkett Smith as parents:

‘My parents. Growing up, all I saw was my parents trying to be the best people they could be, and people coming to them for wisdom, coming to them for guidance, and them not putting themselves on a pedestal, but literally being face-to-face with these people and saying, “I’m no better than you, but the fact that you’re coming to me to reach some sort of enlightenment or to shine a light on something, that makes me feel love and gratitude for you.” They always give back what people give to them. And sometimes they keep giving and giving and giving.’

Dear Humans, Your World Is Coming To An End.

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Jaden on having a famous sister:

‘We never really felt competitive because Willow’s always been better than me at everything. There’s been no competition … Willow started making music first. I was like, “My younger sister is, like, 4, and she’s making all these fire songs. What’s happening?” Willow was doing all these things, about to have record label deals at like the age of 6, and I was like, “I feel like I’m underachieving.”‘

Jaden on life before fame:

‘Nobody knows that Willow and I were much, much cooler before. Like, before people were looking at the things that we were doing, we were so much more, like, method with fashion.’

Willow on the only thing that matters:

‘The only thing that really matters is spreading love and light and acceptance and unity throughout the entire world in any way that you possibly can.’

Willow on life in 10 years’ time:

‘I see myself in the mountains somewhere in a tent cooking a squirrel.’

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