South African actor Hlomla Dandala decided to have a little fun online, and the results were pretty spectacular. Hlomla’s Twinterview became the stuff comedy gold is made of. And we got to enjoy it for free. On this amazing blessing called Twitter. We are not worthy.

It all began when he tweeted a few innocent questions.

Then, the responses came pouring in. A few people had very interesting responses to questions about workplace theft.

AfroMiaki had a more straightforward approach to answering Hlomla’s questions.

Quite a few people clearly had some unresolved family issues they decided to exorcise on Twitter.

Which family member you’d sacrifice for the greater good….

In response to the most honest thing you’d say to a parent….

Translation: ‘Dad, what kind of witchcraft got you into my mom’s panties?!” Alternative translation: You ain’t shit, dad.

‘Umdala’ = ‘You’re grown/old’. Clearly, that respect for the elderly doesn’t extend to Twitter – the land of no chill.

And then he asked… would it be OK to marry someone like your parents?

One stand-out response came from Tebogo, who pointed out that one suspicious lover might have been jumping to conclusions.

And have you caught a partner in bed with someone else?

But Tebogo had nothing on Miss Scarlet. Savage levels on 100.

Translation: ‘No way Hlomla! You want some of us to get fetched [by the spouses] now?!?!’ I feel you, girl. Can’t be kissing and telling in these Twitter streets.

I can safely say I have never heard of the dating prevention tactic that involves pretending to be HIV positive. Miss Scarlet, who are you and where do you come from?! Clearly somewhere entirely foreign to Tshegofatso!

This round-up would not be complete without the perfect commentary on endless African prayers. Having been a victim myself, I can wholeheartedly say I understand these people’s pain.

Unlike this heathen, others retained a tiny modicum of respect – and even fear – when it came to prayer warriors.

Howeverr, hands down, my favourite contributions to this saga were the ones who just told it like it is. In order, here are my top three.

  1. The guy who knows his price.

Who would you leave your family for?

  1. The woman who had her priorities straight:

  1. The absolute legend who took her shot.

In light of the previous tweet, it might be pertinent to mention that Hlomla is Xhosa so – according to Agadi-nwayi – a disclaimer or warning might be in order. But hey, haters gon’ hate. Tell it like it is and slide in those DMs, girl. May the odds be in your favour.

Started from a question, now we here. That escalated quickly, didn’t it?