President Buhari has condemned the attack on a nightclub in Orlando, Florida that has left 49 dead and over 50 injured.

The Nigerian president has called it a ‘criminal’ and ‘cowardly’ act. His comments are included in a statement addressed to the US ambassador for Nigeria, James Entwistle, offering his sympathies to the Americans caught up in the attack.

The massacre occurred on Sunday night at a LGBTI nightclub. It is the deadliest gun attack in US modern history.

The letter also encourages America, Nigeria and ‘all peace-loving nations’ to work together to fight against terrorism. The statement continued, ‘The President condemns such criminal, cowardly attack, wherever it might occur, as an attack on all decent, democratic, peaceful people.’

In 2014, the Nigerian government tightened anti-gay laws, banning same-sex marriages, gay groups and shows of same-sex public affection.