Fresh off the heels of last night’s Golden Globes, many were basking in the well-deserved success of black talent. Viola Davis, Donald Glover and Tracee Ellis-Ross all took home awards for their performances over the past year, not to mention numerous other wins and nominations received by other performers of colour.

It was like the Gloden Globes saw #OscarsSoWhite and decided to get their shit together. Or they just used their eyes and recognised talent. Either way, as an avid admirer of #BlackTwitter, I expected nothing but joy and festivities on my timeline today. Perhaps a ‘Yassss Issa!’ or an ‘About time, Tracee!’ Well, there was a bit of that.

And so much more.

Thanks to this.

In case it’s unclear what happened in that video, this nice blonde lady invented a new movie right before Pharrel’s very confused eyes. Hidden Figures is a story about three African-American female scientists whose work was integral to getting Americans on the moon. Fences is an adaptation of an August Wilson play – and the film for which Viola Davis went on to win her Golden Globe.

Two separate films with separate storylines, which somehow merged in this nice lady’s mind. I wonder if it had anything to do with them sharing the letter “F”, even though, as countless people have helpfully pointed out on Twitter, no one mixed up The Night Manager and The Night Of? As always #BlackTwitter completely nailed the commentary so I won’t even bother. Just follow the #HiddenFences hashtag. I dare you not to cry. The laughter will be that deep.

There are way more on the hashtag. Search and weep.