Ali Bongo, 57, has won a second term as head of Gabon in a closely contested election. Sources inside the country’s electoral commission told Reuters that he won with 49.85 per cent of the vote. Before his election in 2009, this tiny oil-rich state had been ruled for 41 years by his father, Omar.

Ali's father Omar Bong chilling with Mobutu at the Elysee Palace in Paris in 1980 © PIERRE GUILLAUD/AFP/Getty

His rival, Jean Ping, a half-Chinese diplomat lost with 48.16 per cent (he actually claimed victory two days ago). Many of the electorate were also surprised that it had taken as long as five days to count a measly 600,000 votes.

President Ali Bongo Ondimba looms over supporters of the opposition candidate Jean Ping in Libreville on the last day of the presidential election campaign © MARCO LONGARI/AFP/Getty
President Ali Bongo Ondimba greets ecstatic supporters in Moanda on August 23, 2016. © MARCO LONGARI/AFP/Getty

On Twitter, some people remained unconvinced: