Sidney Lafrontiere and Zahra Louise-Julie are the founders of Garde Robe, a streetstyle photography blog based in Lyon, France. They were at the AFROPUNK festival in Paris last weekend to check out the fierce fashion on display.

Sidney Lafrontiere and Zahra Louise-Julie of Garde Robe.

‘We both love fashion, and so we’re always commenting on people’s outfits and pointing out trendy styles to one another. When we created Garde Robe, we knew exactly what we wanted to do: help people inspire each other through fashion.’

Ray Knight

They’ve met bloggers, artists, singers, musicians, stylists and designers through their work and travelled across Europe documenting streetstyle. This summer they’ll be heading to Dubai to document fashion there.

‘It’s such an incredible experience because we get to meet so many creative and talented people.’

Fun fact: the pair are a couple and started dating the same day they created the fashion blog.

We caught up with the pair at AFROPUNK to talk fashion. 

Loïc K & Sandra D

What were the best looks at AFROPUNK?

Sidney: I loved Rachel T’s style, Dani Bumba and Loïc. They looked so cool!

Zahra: My favourites were Dydy, Rikki and Maureen Powel. They had some real black girl magic.


What draws you to a particular person when you want to take their photo?

We think that each person’s style is a reflection of their personality. The people with the most eccentric styles usually have a unique personality as well. So that’s what we usually look for: originality.

Nathanael Coffee

We are attracted to people with beautiful and strong personalities, and that’s what makes us want to take their picture. We want to capture that fierceness and inspire others.


Any fashion trends you’re seeing in 2016 that you’re into?

Sidney: My favourite fashion trends this year are the pastel colours: rose quartz, coral, blue serenity. I also like the ‘oversized’ trend that’s coming back this year.

Zahra: I love pastel colours, they go with everything and especially with darker skin tones. I also really like the bohemian trend this year: shoulderless tops are beautiful.


Any fashion trends you really can’t stand?

Sidney: It’s not that I dislike the actual trend, but I dislike the fact that everybody copied the ‘school boy’ trend. You know, the baseball cap with the long socks and tucked in shirts. It’s not that original anymore.

Zahra: I don’t like the mules’ trend. Can everybody stop trying to make mules happen? We are not in a Pinocchio musical. Nobody looks good in those shoes.

Any musicians/artists/celebs whose style you can’t get enough of?

Sidney: A$AP Rocky’s style is dope because he’s like a chameleon. When he’s at a gala, his style is classy and sophisticated. But when you see him in his music videos, his style is casual and street-like.

Zahra: I would say Lion Babe. She’s literally a Queen in every aspect of herself (don’t get me started on her hair!) so it’s only natural that her outfits are glorious.

She looks sexy, beautiful and confident in anything she wears. Every time I hesitate about wearing something fierce, I think of Lion Babe and I’ll be like, ‘Would Jillian wear this? Definitely!’

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