For some of us, it’s summer time! We talked all things holiday with Thandi Gula-Ndebele, the visual storyteller and cinematographer at The Foxy Five, the amazing feminist film collective we can’t stop raving about (our last piece on them here).

She’s also a talented photographer – see these photos she took of rapper and queer activist Dope Saint Jude.

So lucky us: Thandi tells us what she likes to do during the holidays and her favourite summer-time memories.

What are your holiday essentials and why?

I’m definitely one of those pack my entire life into my suitcase people, but if I’m going away especially to a place with a lot of trees or an ocean my essentials are a good book (for the soul), sunglasses, a towel, incense and a crystal or two.

I imagine spending a lot of time playing in the water or in the forest, relaxing, absorbing the energy of the sun, reading to my soul’s content and meditating with a crystal or two at sunset.

What’s the photo that most means summer holidays to you?

I can’t imagine summer holidays without family. When we were growing up, my father took my brothers and I on a lot of road trips. They never got old, we went to a lot of natural wonders and farms.

Even today summer holidays mean being with my brothers, feeling dry and hot summer breezes, driving around a lot and making priceless memories from the simple things and moments.

What do you like to do most on holiday?

I love to play. Im such a thrill seeker and love to do things that allow me to play and be active. I like horse riding, quad biking and paddle boarding.

What would be on the mixtape of your summer?

My summer mixtape would  have F.U.B.U by Solange, Dlala by Stiff Pap would be on there three times! It’s such a jam that you cant not dance to. Marry Jane by H3nry, some Travis Scott, Princess Nokia, Asap Ferg, Jaden Smith, Rihanna and Chance The Rapper and definitely a lot of throwback dancehall from Mavado and Beenie Man!

Any exciting plans this summer?

I’m mostly looking forward to travelling home to Zimbabwe this summer. Im also very excited to be spending two months in Jozi interning at a TV network. I’ve been in Cape Town all year and enjoyed it. So I’m looking forward to the different spaces and energies.

Ultimate summer holiday destination (and any tips while you’re there)?

I absolutely love Cairo. It’s beautiful, there’s so much to take in, sacred sites, and natural wonders all in a very vibrant city.

Theres so much to do and experience the best tip I can give is to do the most you can, to connect and see the most you can while there, drinking tons of water too.

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