Ethiopian Airlines made headlines last year with their first all-female operated flight which took off on November 19. Now they’re making news again. They posted a message to one of their staff on their Facebook page:

‘Meet Jr. Cabin Crew Roza Shiferaw, a living testament of our commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity…. She returned USD 10, 000 to a passenger on ET 672. #proudofyou’

The comments below their Facebook post were varied:

Sebastian Moya Pastor: ‘Wonderful, keep it up sister. And to Ethiopian Airlines, congratulations BUT please reward this lady by promoting her.’

Rashida Her ExcellencySelly Yakubu had only one thing on her excellent mind: ‘Then you will also have to trace our baggage for us… After paying $400 for excess bag. One arrive and can not find the bag.. Today is exactly 10 days. And your workers in Ghana Dnt [sic] have any information on the bag. This is what I call incompetence.’

Dawit Tesfaye was more cynical: ‘Goodness pays back. What it is not yours doesn’t belong to you. You did the right thing, I appreciate it. But you (EAL) don’t deserve this lady’s personal qualities/discipline as a propaganda for the ‘commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity’ of your company.’

What would you do?