‘I guess that I wouldn’t be doing all the things I’ve done and will do if I hadn’t gone to his show. So I’m grateful to him, in a way. And he is my favorite singer.’

Nandy Nicodeme owes Justin Bieber a thank you present.

The half-Congolese, half-Belgian beauty that is currently fashion’s ‘it-girl’ and darling of the Parisian high fashion catwalks was discovered at a Justin Bieber concert.

According to her interview with Vogue, Nandy was minding her own business as she dance, sang, and no doubt screamed along to one of her favourite Bieber songs as he performed.

She was approached by a very brave scout (have you seen the amount of people at a Bieber concert?!) from Next model agency who spoke to her about joining.

If I hadn’t been at Justin Bieber’s show, I probably never would have met my agent, and before he said I should consider modeling, I’d never thought about it!

She then walked for her first show, Prada Fall ’17 Men’s Collection and the rest, as they say, is history.

“When I arrived in Paris, I thought I would do one or two shows—I didn’t know I’d wind up doing that many!

The young model is blowing up with more shows and campaigns scheduled for major labels. Loving her new and exciting life, she is grateful for her family that keep her grounded.

One to watch, we look forward to seeing more of this PYT on the international fashion space.

Thank you Justin Bieber. And you, don’t stop Beliebing!