Who doesn’t love Diamond Platnumz? The Tanzanian star is going to get so much more love after his collab with Ne-Yo which is the most feel-good track we’ve heard for a long time.

Marry You is the first track that Diamond Platnumz has released with Universal Music. After meeting at the 2015 MTV Africa Music Awards in Durban, Ne-Yo flew over to Nairobi to record the song. ‘I choose Neyo because he fits my style of music,’ Diamond Platinumz explained.

‘I am so happy because I grew up listening Neyo songs and most of my style is inspired by him so it’s a dream come true for a kid who grew up in a slum area in Tanzania.’

Ne-Yo goes above and beyond, singing in Swahili in his trademark smooth vocals.

The video is classic! It shows Diamond Platinumz falling in love at first sight then fantasising about the wedding with this gorgeous woman he’s just driven past.

‘It’s a love story, it’s about when you want to convince the girl you are in love with to marry you. It’s a wedding song so am so sure it will be rocking all weddings soon.’

He even dons a Ne-Yo style hat – and imagines that the R’n’B superstar is a member of the wedding band. It’s set in LA (and also shot in Johannesburg) but there’s a cheeky play on the Hollywood sign in the closing scenes.

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The classic Ne-Yo hat