Chisom is a 23-year-old Nigerian-American hip-hop artist, born in Detroit and raised in Maryland. 

He recently released some new music including a remix of Burna Boy’s Soke. Chisom started making music when he was 17 and has been releasing original tracks, remixes and music videos ever since.

What are your musical influences?

My musical influences include Biggie Smalls for his rhythmic, stylish flow; Jay-Z  for his versatility, precision and effortlessness; Kanye West for his genre-bending and artistic confidence; Rick Ross, his voice is LARGE; Eminem for his dedication to technical excellence.

What’s it like to work in the music industry where you are?

Well I currently live in Detroit. There are so many artistic-minded people here in Michigan, so you don’t have to look very far if you’re looking to collaborate. The place has soul, man.

What’s a night out like where you live?

Bars are quite popular here. I’m more of a relaxed guy – I’d much rather kick it and watch the game with some friends on a night off.

What song do you listen to: (a) turn up to (b) feel sexy (c) pine over your ex

(a) Lose My Mind by Young Jeezy

(b) Um…Classic Man by Jidenna? I think I’m pretty classic. Therefore, that song represents for me.

(c) I don’t really do this, but if I did I’d pick Exchange by Bryson Tiller.

Tell us about your current music.

I just released a 4-track EP called Melo. The warm weather has pretty much arrived, and this EP is a sampler of fun, melodic, relatable songs. It’s a fun time. Of course, I can’t forget about my still-young debut EP, The Jordan Year this summer.

What are you up to next musically?

This summer, look out for more collaborations and some more West-African inspired hip hop. Also, my official Africa Get Money music video comes out soon!

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