Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie delivered a stinging rebuke to Buhari’s leadership in The New York Times. She criticised his appointments, his economic policy and his nationalist agenda. Sounds like she’s been talking to his wife!

She reserved her greatest criticism for his attitude towards sectarian divides:

‘His behavior suggests he is tone-deaf to the widely held belief among southern Nigerians that he promotes a northern Sunni Muslim agenda.’

And the Nigerian author suggested that his war against corruption may not be as clean as he makes out:

‘Arrests have tended to be selective, targeting mostly those opposed to Mr. Buhari’s government.’

Adichie thinks that this all feels like deja-vu.

‘There are eerie signs of the past’s repeating itself — Mr. Buhari’s tone and demeanor are reminiscent of 1984, and his military-era War Against Indiscipline program is being reintroduced.’

Do you agree with Adichie?

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