Strolling has hit the US of A. 

London filmmaker and writer Cecile Emeke has released the first Strolling video that takes place in America. Strolling is an online series of shorts centred around the international black diaspora. Cecile has interviewed people in Paris, London and Milan.

The latest video is with Gabby in Brooklyn who talks about minimalism, the American education system, being mixed, hyper-visibility as a black American and the tricky question of reparations.

Gabby opens up about other people dismissing her as being ‘just black’ when she came to New York due to being black American;

‘You can’t enjoy parts of a culture while at the same time dismissing it and building yourself up. I think that’s kind of a defense mechanism and I think that’s one thing that happens a lot within the diaspora.’

We’re looking forward ever more international Strolling videos soon. Perhaps one in Asia?

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