Booba and Sidiki Diabaté forget their feud and team up to celebrate Senegal

Is there a new unofficial tourism ambassador for Senegal? French rapper Booba (whose father is Senegalese) has released a love song to Senegal with Malian popstar and kora player Sidike Diabaté.

Last time these two were in the headlines, it was because some had accused Booba of being overly inspired by Diabaté’s hit song Validée. They made up by performing together at Bercy, one of the biggest concert halls in Paris, and this single is more proof they’ve buried the beef.

In DKR, Booba showcases the best that Senegal has to offer: from wide beaches to the safari parks (yes, he raps among giraffes) and the nightlife and motorsports. Sidiki shows his skill on the kora.

It’s also a defiant call for Senegal to stay independent. He compares the continent to a woman being married off: ‘Africa you haven’t aged but they want to marry you off. Your family name will be taken hostage.’ He also references the Senegalese national football team who are called the Lions of Teranga (a Wolof word that just about translates to ‘hospitality’): ‘What’s the use of being a lion in a cage?’

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