Musician/producer Fuse ODG has been changing the Afrobeats scene globally and doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

The Ghanaian Londoner has had a number of successes including a number one on the iTunes World Chart and four UK chart hit singles from his 2014 debut-album T.I.N.A – it stands for This Is New Africa. Fuse ODG wants to inspire a new generation of Africans to produce the change they want to see across the continent.  We caught up with the talented star backstage at the final concert of his TINA tour last week.

You’ve just finished the TINA tour. How did it go?!

The tour was crazy man, it was overwhelming. I’m always glad to see a mix of cultures and people getting together for the love of music and Africa. Like I said, when I’m on stage it is all about sending positive vibes and I feel good!

You released your album last year, won a couple of awards along the way and you’re at the end of your tour. What’s next on your music agenda?

Next album! I can’t give you the exact date but it’s definitely going to be out next year so you keep an eye out for it. Most of the album has been written on the road so it’s something I’m looking forward to. In the meantime, check out my latest song I did with Major Lazer, Light It Up.

You gave out so much energy on stage tonight. What’s your inspiration to write music?

I have always looked up to artists like Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Wyclef Jean and Michael Jackson. Music is not just about the songs; it’s also about the message you put in it. And these guys did it the best.

When are you heading back to Ghana and what do you like to get up to there, that you don’t get to do in your hometown, London?

I’m headed there on Monday and I’m going to CHILL, listen to some music and eat a lot of food.

What’s your favourite dish?

Whether I’m in London or Accra, it’s got to be jollof rice. But I like banku too!

We’re getting close to 2016; what’s the most memorable thing that happened to you this year?

This year was crazy. So many things happened. I think it has to be winning the Best African Act at the MOBO Awards for the third year in a row or performing at the Blue Peter Garden. I got a Blue Peter badge!

Any resolutions for next year?

More happiness, more success!

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Photography by Roozbeh Tavakoli