Are you ready Lagos? Gidi Culture Festival gears up for its 4th edition

As the Gidi Culture Festival  (also known as Gidifest) gears up for its fourth edition, Lagos is waiting with bated breath, buzzing with excitement, and preparations are a go!

Set to happen on the 15 April 2017, the one-day event is aimed at facilitating the growth of the urban youth culture in Nigeria.

Highlights of the event will include displays of carefully curated art pieces and live sketching by incredible Nigerian illustrators.

Most importantly, attendees will be spoilt for choice with food and drinks as there will be a range of appetising delights from various vendors.

The day will then climax with world class performances featuring favourite local and international guest acts to be announced shortly.

With all these in the works and a lot more, this edition of Gidi Fest looks set to be bigger and better. Plus, we are media partners! So we promise to bring you all the latest news from the festival.

Get your tickets online here, they are currently 50% off for you early birds!

And we will be giving away free tickets to FIVE lucky people! Stay tuned for more info

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