4:44 mean anything to you? Mysterious ads are appearing online and off and some think it’s to do with Jay Z’s new album. Some are saying that it could also be a movie.

The link between the weird numbers and Jay Z first came up on the KanyeToThe forum. Their investigators discovered that the source code for the ad includes the words ‘Tidal’ and ‘Superhero.’ All this on top of not so subtle hints that the rap titan is dropping a new album:

Jay Z loves a mystery. Remember when he turned his fans into sleuthhounds and organised a treasure hunt through Brooklyn for Magna Carta Holy Grail track list? Seems like he’s at it again, and it’s up to fans to work out what’s happening.

The plot thickened when the CEO of the US telecommunications company Sprint Marcelo Claure tweeted: ‘Excited to bring @SPRINT customers exclusive content through our partnership with @TIDALHiFi – more news coming tomorrow!!’ Sprint bought a stake in Tidal at the beginning of the year.

This tweet followed hot on the heels of the Sprint and TIDAL advert screened at the NBA finals. It’s a trailer for what looks like a black-and-white classic boxing movie. The evidence so far: the obligatory training scene (Exhibit A), the soulful looking into a mirror (Exhibit B) and the lone trainer after hours in the empty gym (Exhibit C).

Exhibit A: training
Exhibit B: the wash basin scene
Exhibit C: lonely trainer

The credits list Oscar winners Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong’o and Danny Glover.

Is this going to be a feature length film or is it more likely to be a video for a single off Jay Z’s new album?

Amateur detectives out there, send us your thoughts on Twitter.