Coming into awareness in 2010 as a fruitful young adult in New York City has been a journey well worth every step as I had to realize and accept that I am responsible for myself. I am also responsible for my actions as well as my reactions in this world and so with that knowledge, I began practicing more self-discipline with yoga exercise and meditation. This made me more aware of how I am and could be around people in every way.

Then came January 2020, where humans were reminded that the world will purge you, and all the people around you, with or without a disease, especially if you do not take proper precautions with your life. I am an avid reader and theory writer, which means that I was expecting something monumental like this to happen. This virus is a call to action for us to wake up as COVID-19 hits the world like a wave of fear and infections.

When I first heard the news of the virus starting in Wuhan, China, I wasn’t sure it would hit America because the other viruses like SARS didn’t, but when it started spreading to Europe and other countries, I knew that no one was safe from Mother Nature especially if they haven’t been doing their due diligence. So I did more research to protect myself.

This spread—and the reasons for contacting this virus—is more of an anomaly than I had thought and being in America, which is a melting pot of all ethnicities, I didn’t know what to expect. Then I saw the death rates spiked to nearly 15,000 in New York, which is where I reside, and I realized that anybody can get it. Some people are getting it, even if they are fully self-aware, whole body mind and spirit.

Many people are sick and dying but the ones who were preparing for these times are well aware that the world is going to go through a shift. So we are getting ready. There are many remedies that I have learned from working and building with indigenous people, which is to perfect the basics of keeping up with an alkaline diet and doing primary things like bathing and washing oneself as well as staying away from dirty places.

My current daily routine as of these last couple of months has been waking up to doing breathings and drinking ginger turmeric teas with lime as well as oil of oregano and a few other herbal remedies. I also work currently doing business development with clients from home and being right by the beach in Coney Island brings me great views and clean ocean air. I don’t have to travel far usually but when I do it’s cabs only! For now.

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