Tales of Africa’s growing impact on technology are everywhere these days. Global stakeholders are promoting Africa as a key player in their development strategies. The Africa Technology Summit is one of the initiatives that exemplifies this new-founded (and totally justified!) interest in what’s happening on the continent.

What’s special about the summit is the way it brings together a range of players in the African technology ecosystem. They’ll be coming together from November 3 to 4 in Accra to present their ideas and share their insight into the continent’s potential.

The summit is organised by the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) an entrepreneurship training and incubator company. MEST was founded in 2008 in Accra and has already been named in a top ten list of Africa’s most innovative companies by Fast Company this year. They’ve got a number of influential names coming down, such as the likes of MacArthur Fellow Patrick Awuah taking to the stage. If you’re heading down do let us know on Twitter!

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